An Object-Deputy Approach For Chinese Genealogy Collaborative Management

摘要:Abstract—Chinese genealogy management systems support many functions, such as making genealogy, retrieval and so on. Due to the lack of collaborative management of genealogical data, few systems support genealogical analysis, especially event analysis. In this paper, we propose an approach to manage the Chinese genealogy collaboratively. At first, we analyze the semantics of entities in genealogy. Then we introduce the Object-Deputy mechanism to model Chinese genealogy and implement it in Totem database. Based on this model, we study the common queries and general event relation inference. Additionally, we propose a deep learning model integrating Object Deputy semantics for genealogical event reasoning. Experiments show that our method requires less storage space and achieves better query performance compared with relational method or graph method. Especially, our model integrating the Object-Deputy semantics promotes the accuracy and recall for event reasoning. It proves the effectiveness of our approach.