PZXG: A Genealogy Data Service Platform for Kinship Management and Application

摘要:Genealogy is one of the three kinds of historical literatures which are valuable to historical research and humanities research. However, traditionally, it is hard to build and revise a genealogy. And it is even impossible to manage and query the genealogy efficiently. In this paper, we proposed PZXG, which is a genealogy data service platform, to solve these issues. Firstly, for structured and unstructured genealogy data, we employ relational database, graph database and distributed file system to store them respectively. Secondly, depending on the hybrid data model of genealogy data, various management features like data acquisition, kin seeking, genealogy exhibition and automatic typesetting are provided. Then in order to extract knowledge from genealogy data, the features of routine statistics and query, root tracing, correlation analysis and data visualization in genealogical data are discussed, and several methods and ideas of text mining for genealogical text are given. Finally, two more urgent research points in the genealogical data management platform are suggested extracting structural information from unstructured genealogy data and construction of genealogy-specific text language model.