The overview of ETD

Put forward an efficient time delay attack detection scheme (ETD) to detect time delay attack in UAV networks, which is a less explored attack surface. First, we conduct a comprehensive selection of delay-related features from four different dimensions, namely delay, node, message and connection, based on which one-class classification is used for model training. Then, the forwarding behaviours of all nodes can be evaluated and their trust values can be obtained, based on which benign nodes can be distinguished from malicious ones. (2022, published in journal IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security (TIFS) [CORE A, CCF A, SCI-Q1, IF 7.231])

Yuwei Peng (彭煜玮)
Yuwei Peng (彭煜玮)
Associate Professor

My research interests include Database Systems, Big Data of Chinese Genealogies, and Digital Watermarking.